I’m an entrepreneur looking for an apartment in Clearwater. What apartment features can I look for that will help me run my business from home?

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Not only are the Altis at Grand Cypress Apartments beautiful, they're quiet! Perfect for running your business from home.

While you're searching for your new apartment in Clearwater, it might be helpful to make a list of things you would need in order to effectively operate your business from home. While on your apartment search, keep this list handy so you can determine which apartments would best accommodate your needs. Three things an entrepreneur might need to consider when looking for an apartment in Clearwater is apartment space, location and general noise levels of the community.

Apartment Space

As an entrepreneur, you're often end up doing a lot of your work at home. Therefore, it's imperative that you have adequate space for your business in your Clearwater apartment. If your budget permits, you might consider a 2-bedroom apartment. You can use one room as your bedroom and the other can serve as an office space. This way you'll have a spacious area for your desk and a space to store the merchandise you may sell or receive, if applicable. Also, if you do any filming or photography for your business, the extra room is a perfect place for a studio. If this option is outside of your budget, you could also get creative in an apartment with a walk-in closet. If you find alternative ways to store your clothes and shoes you could at least set up storage inside your walk-in closet space. For ideas on how to store clothing outside of a closet, check out this article on the Life Storage Blog.


Something else to consider as an entrepreneur is your proximity to some of the resources you may need. For instance, if you buy, sell or ship goods you would want to consider being nearby a post office for your own convenience. Additionally, Clearwater is a city with some of the best beach areas. If you do your own photography for promotional materials, you can always use the beach as a photo location for product placements and ads.

Noise Levels

Lastly, when you're working from home it's important for the surrounding environment to be on the quieter side. If there is too much background noise, it may prove difficult to focus or chat with clients in a professional setting. Because of this, choosing a quiet apartment is quite important. Consider things that may produce unwelcome noise such as nearby highways, businesses with late hours, etc. Apartment communities often take measures to facilitate a quieter environment, such as enforcing noise restrictions during certain hours of the day and sound proofing with thicker walls and windows.

Overall, there are several ways your Clearwater apartment can make working from home convenient and stress-free. Be sure to consider your specific needs before choosing your perfect apartment.



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