I can’t wait to hit the beach once I move to Clearwater! What are some good tips for beachgoers?

You've probably heard all about the gorgeous beaches in Clearwater and can't wait to try them out yourself! Apartments in Clearwater are just moments away from pristine white sand beaches, warm gulf waters, and gentle waves. Before you run out the door, make sure you read through these helpful tips for beachgoers to get the most out of your experience. Planning ahead before your move will get you to the beach even faster.

Ready to head to one of the beaches near Clearwater apartments? There are a few important items that everyone should pack in their beach bag before venturing out in the sun. One of the key items to bring along with you is sunscreen, a must-have for any Florida resident who loves to bask in the sunshine. Not only can sunscreen prevent some potentially serious burns, but it will help protect your skin from wrinkles and other damaging effects from the sun. Almost every store in the area has sunscreen for sale, so grab a few bottles and stock up now if you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach. If you have an aversion to the thick or heavy feel of sunscreen, there are so many different types available that might be more agreeable with your skin (sprays, non-greasy, etc). Any kind of sunscreen is better than none!

If you plan on spending a few hours lounging on the beach, you may want to bring an umbrella, either a regular one or the type that can be mounted directly in the sand. The sunshine can feel good, but you can get overwhelmed from the heat if you don't take a few breaks from direct sunlight. Along the same line, make sure you pack plenty of water to drink. Most beaches near Clearwater apartments have water fountains nearby, but it can be a hassle to trek back and forth from your comfortable spot. Bringing along a few bottles of cold water will help you stay hydrated and happy during your beach trips. A few snacks that will not melt away in the heat can be a good idea as well – being hungry at the beach is no fun!

Although these next few items are not essential, you might want to consider taking them with you as well. If you're bringing a few people along with you, it can be easier to take your cell phone down to the beach. Just make sure that you have a protective container or bag so you don't accidentally damage your phone. In addition, chairs and comfortable beach towels are a good investment for multiple beach trips. You and your friends and family can sit together comfortably and relax without worrying about the sand. Apartments in Clearwater are surrounded by stores for a variety beach chairs and towels so you won't have to look very hard!

These basic items are only a few ideas for the contents of your beach bag. Clearwater apartments are located next to some great bookstores if you want to pick up a novel or magazine for cozy beach entertainment!

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