I want to live in downtown Tampa. Is there anywhere nearby that I can jog safely?

Living in downtown a Tampa apartment, you may feel a little crowded. There are many benefits of living downtown, like being close to your office and the best clubs. Even though your Tampa apartment may be in downtown, you don't have to jog through the crowded areas in order to get in some outdoor exercise. Tampa has several options for those who want to exercise outdoors but not go too far from downtown.

One road in Tampa has become well known for many reasons. One reason is that is provides 4.5 miles of uninterrupted sidewalk, currently the longest in the world. Another is for its scenic views. What road is this? It's Bayshore Boulevard, found right in Downtown Tampa. The road follows the Tampa Bay coastline, and offers some must-see views for anyone living in a Tampa apartment!

Bayshore Boulevard has recently had a facelift, making the already lovely drive even nicer. If you are living in an apartment in Tampa, Bayshore is a great place to come and exercise. Joggers, walkers, rollerbladers, and bikers frequent this long stretch of wide, interrupted sidewalk. Even if you are alone, safety really isn't an issue, because of the constant traffic, both by cars and pedestrians.

Bayshore does have some water fountains, but you may want to bring some water of your own. Depending on the time of day and year, temperatures can go above 100 degrees. Be sure to stay hydrated! Additionally, the white of the sidewalk intensifies and reflects the heat. If you are fair, sunscreen may be needed until you get used to the sun in Tampa.

Bayshore also has some great, diverse scenery on both sides. On one side, Tampa Bay is literally right next to you. You may see dolphins, and even, occasionally, manatees. On the other side, you'll see gorgeous homes. The homes are all quite different, some very historic, others very modern. Whether you're along the Boulevard strictly for exercise or to see the sights, you will definitely not grow bored of the scenery. If you are along Bayshore for exercise, there are ten exercise stations along the way for sit-ups, stretching, and more. The stations have padded floors in case of falls.

South of Bayshore is Ballast Point Park. Here you can see even more great views of Tampa Bay. There is a fitness center here that offers different classes you may enjoy. There's also a playground, a restaurant, and a pier. The pier is nice to walk along as well as fish from. If you want to fish, you can buy bait in the area. The pier also has a boat ramp. You can also find restrooms and a splash pad (small water park) here. The park can be a nice rest stop for you if you run the length of Bayshore Boulevard. The park is also a nice destination of its own, for fishing or for a bite to eat at Taste of Boston, which offers seafood, sandwiches, and ice cream.

Bayshore is an amazing road that you need to visit while living in your Tampa apartment. It is a jewel by the Bay!

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