What is it like to live in Clearwater?

Clearwater apartments are surrounded by the Tampa Bay's pulse of tourism attractions. Embodied in a classic melting pot of a diverse union filled with artistic characteristics, this city's revenue flows from its enriching natural resources, its mix of museums, galleries, theatres and wineries.

Living in apartments near Clearwater allows residents to enjoy costal views and beach attractions. Upon visiting the Gulf waters, you will quickly notice many free standing sculptures and showcased art pieces throughout the town's sidewalks. This unique blend of flare and style has helped gain more attention to the area, resulting in the growth of restaurants and bars.

Playing as a major component in the tourism industry, the luxurious beach city experiences quite a large population of tourist. When living near the water, expect to see waves of population during certain seasons of the year. Especially during spring break. If you plan on living in a Clearwater apartment away from the buzz and bustle of tourist, try avoiding the Pier 60 region. Traffic tends to heavily back up during these times, often leaving locals frustrated with not many options for relief.

Aside from the seasonal upswings, this Pinellas County based town is pretty laid back. Most residents spend a bulk of their time outdoors enjoying the scenic views. Night, however, seems to be an antonym to Clearwater's day life. Nightly festivals take place on the pier, bring out large crowds of families and students. Downtown Clearwater also hosts film festivals and classical movie nights. Coachman park sit just a short commute from the beach where many artist play concerts. In addition to the many coffee shops, surf shops and boutiques, apartments near Clearwater are also surrounded by handfuls of hotels, bars and restaurants. Sheperd's Beach Resort is one of the most popular night clubs in the city and sits just along the coastline.

Most beneficial to the area are the rent prices. Homes throughout the region often vary in type, size and rent. There are historic homes, luxury apartments, singular floor plans, downtown lofts and hotel-like condos. No matter which part of the district you decide to live in, you are just minutes from the beach.  Although many of the neighborhoods embody different characteristics, most of those located downtown tend to cater to student living, often offering competitive and affordable living units.

Living in Clearwater allows living at home to feel as though you are on a permanent vacation. The modernized costal city is home to a diverse crowd, attracting many residents outside of the state. Home types vary throughout the district, however, there is generally a fair amount of entertainment no matter where you decide to live. Although the days tend to be fairly quiet, nightlife thrives in this region offering both adult and family activities.

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