Is the beach close to Tampa?

Are you looking for Tampa apartments near the beach? Many residents in the Tampa bay area gloat for their ability to be beach side within minutes of their home. The city of Tampa, however, is quite large, allowing for a diverse area of metropolitan urbanization and tranquil beach havens.

Hillsborough County's golden sunshine and warm gulf waters create an ideal climate for many to call home. In fact, many Tampa apartments call some of the world's top-rated beaches their home.

There are nearly 14 beaches surrounding Tampa apartments. Here, you can experience an afternoon of Dolphin watching, a trip across the bay on your paddle board or even relax on the white sand. If you are searching for this type of environment, the best place to start your search in by looking for Tampa apartments near the Causeway. This area, commonly referred to as Rocky Point, is actually quite affordable.

Rocky Point offers beachfront living just minutes away from downtown, South Tampa and the airport. Although this location is considered to be just outside of the heart of the city, it is in the center of entertainment and convenience. There are several popular beach bars throughout the area and the entertainment district of Soho is just a few minutes from this community. Shopping and dinning is also not a problem as the International Plaza is just a mile or two away.

Units located in this community are much more newer, updated and luxurious. They are located next to upscale hotels and rarely endure traffic flowing into the causeway. Although these properties may be more expensive than those located in Ybor or Westshore, keep in mind that these dwellings are surrounded by ocean front views.

In relation to the beaches, Ben T. Davis Beach is a narrowing coast line stretching from Rocky Pointe all the way to St. Pete. This waterway is probably the closest Gulf coast to your home when living in this area. Caladesi Island State Park is another beach that lives off of the Causeway. This beach is mixed in with wooded nature trails that allow residents to explore Florida's barrier islands by way of a ferry.

Honeymoon Island is another beach just outside of Tampa apartments located on the causeway. This beach is especially popular amongst the locals and many prefer to bring their dogs to the shore to get in some outdoor fun.

Davis Island beach is a few minutes drive from the cause and is located just outside of downtown. This area, although much less of a typical beach, is more used as a boating dock than for relaxation.

In sum, beaches are relatively close to the city of Tampa. Depending on where you decide to live in relation to the coat can play a big part in determining how close you can live to the water. Rocky Point is a newer and affordable community just next door to several beaches and may be a great place to consider when looking for a new home.


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