Where is the best place to live to be near the airport?

If you are a world-traveling commuter, it is probably always best to live near your city's International airport. Most airports are centrally located next to downtown inlets and surrounded by ease and entertainment. However, with Tampa being such spaced out city, it is almost hard to practically be next door neighbors with the airport. Although, there are several near by neighbors to consider when looking to have easy commuting access.

Downtown Tampa is probably one of your first guesses when looking for Tampa apartments near the airport. While downtown is very close to the airport there are several factors to consider. First, downtown has its fair share of traffic, especially during rush hour. If you are commuting during the 9 or 5 hours, I would consider leaving especially early to get to the airport, which is less than a ten minute drive. Second, unlike most downtown districts of large towns, downtown Tampa is quite small and actually inconvenient. There are not any grocery stores to stop in, boutiques are to a bare minimum. However, there are some local dinners and restaurants. Downtown living consists mostly of sky-rise apartments and condos. Parking is limited and prices are high. The benefit to living here is that this is a great district for business professionals. Many lawyers, bankers and entrepreneurs take up dwellings in this space.

The Westshore neighborhood is literally directly across from the airport. Westshore has more of a variety to choose from when it comes to looking for Tampa apartments. This area, in comparison to downtown, has more entertainment, convenience, and suburbs. Westshore is a fantastic neighborhood for both families and business professional as well as newly graduates. Westshore is home to two malls, Westshore and International Plaza. There are tons of local restaurants and bars. Westshore is centrally located next to downtown and South Tampa. It is also a thirty minute drive to Clearwater Beach. Apartments near Tampa in this district can range from humble one bedroom units to luxury dwellings.

Rocky point is another great area to look for a place to call home that is near the airport. This area is probably the most conveniently located in comparison to downtown Tampa and Westshore. Located just off of the causeway, homes near Rocky point can be a three-minute drive from the airport. In addition, units here are bordered by the water and just a twenty-minute drive to the beach! Here, you can find top hotels, restaurants, and dog beaches. This area tends to be more laid back than both downtown and Westshore. Prices seem to be fairly affordable starting at around $900/month for an updated one bedroom unit.

Downtown Tampa, Westshore and Rocky Point neighborhoods are all conveniently located next to Tampa's International airport. All three areas have nearby entertainment and a fair variety of homes to choose from. However, living in downtown may be more expensive and less convenient where as Westshore and Rocky Point may help you to avoid some traffic and allow you to travel to a grocery store within minutes. Although each district has their own benefits, some areas may be more suitable than others.

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