Ive heard that Clearwater is a tourist town. Where can I live to avoid the congestion of tourist season?

Pier 60 on Clearwater BeachEnriched with miles warm white sand, salty crisp waves, islands of five-star hotels, and lively street markets, it is no secret why many out-of-towners seek out Clearwater as a perfect vacation spot! The average temperature year round in Clearwater peaks near the mid 70’s range. Florida’s warm client enables the Gulf waters to stay particularly warm, calling on a universal attraction to the area.

Tourism is Clearwater’s number one industry. Living in apartments near Clearwater, you can certainly expect to see many non- local visitors throughout the year. In fact, most Clearwater residents are not native to the city making the area a unique melting pot embodied with diversity and culture. However, tourist season in the city will pick up around our winter season. Although the city’s temperatures may drop to a cool 60 degrees, this is still much more comfortable and warmer than its surrounding areas. Fortunately for most Florida folk, colder climates are not suitable for enjoying a beach filled afternoon. As a result, the beaches tend to not be any busier than they would during the summer solace. Meaning, when “tourist season” approaches, you really will not see much of a difference.

However, if you are adamant about staying near local hot spots, you may want to consider searching for Clearwater apartments a distance away from Pier 60. Pier 60 tends to be the landmark for many newcomers and tourist alike. Each night, the pier showcases the Sunset Festival. The festival consists of local music, artists, craftsmen, performers, unique boutiques as well as fishing and dolphin sightings.

When searching for your new location, consider what is most important for you. In this instance, being near secluded areas is a key factor in deciding where to live. In Clearwater you have several options when it comes to planting your roots in a desired area. First, you can seek out a new home near a private beach such as Sand Key.

Sand Key Island is a short distance from the mainland of Clearwater. However, the area is still connected to Clearwater by a small bridge that allows you to travel in and out by car. The area is still visited by more than a million people each year. However, due to its short distance from the touristy area, you can expect the island to be mostly inhabited by native. If you are interested in searching for a living community in this area, keep in mind that these properties may be pricier than its neighbors in the Clearwater area.

Caladesi Island is another area just North of Clearwater. This is the largest island in the area. Less known by tourist, Caladesi Island is normally visited by local fisherman and residents who enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the Gulf waters. The only way visitors can come to the island is by Ferry or their own boat. This area may have less options to consider when looking for rental areas.

However, living in Clearwater definitely has it perks during tourist season. Because there are tourists visiting the Clearwater area year around, you will never experience a ghost-town feeling once season has ended as most tourist destinations experience. The area has plenty of entertainment ranging from Irish Pubs to Old-World eateries and eccentric boutiques.

Living in areas near the cause way or major road-ways can also help you alleviate the overwhelming feeling or tourism. Clearwater is only ten miles North of the Tampa and St Pete areas. To look for living units near the water but away from the landmark attractions, use our custom locator to help get you started!

To begin your search, all you have to do is click on the “search now” button. This will bring you to our search page. By viewing our maps, you can search for areas either right next to or inland of the beaches. On the map, you will see location indicators that reflect where specific living communities are located. You will notice that there are more dense location and some that seem to be more secluded. If you chose, you can also search by zip codes that will allow you to look for an apartment close to your favorite area of Clearwater.

Clearwater will always encompass a melting pot of natives and tourist alike. Although you may consider living in less populated areas, the majority of the city is saturated with visitors making tourist residents of the area. Although you may consider this to be problematic, the diverse population only adds to the livelihood of Clearwater created a beneficial community for all.

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