How to meal prep in my Tampa apartment?

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Whether you have kids, are a current student, work one or two jobs, do volunteer work, or participate in a number of those responsibilities all together it's very difficult to take a moment out of your day to cook and nourish yourself with the right food. Most hard-working individuals will opt for fast food and other on-the-go food supplements that aren't necessarily the healthiest choice. Not to mention, eating out all the time can get pricey.

One of the best solutions is to start meal-prepping and preparing your meals a week in advance in Tampa apartments. The reason why is because it can save you money when you cook for yourself, you know what food is going into your body, you only need to dedicate a few hours one day a week to cook a bunch of meals, and you won't have to worry about not getting enough energy throughout the week to complete the necessary tasks in your life.

Having a nice apartment in Tampa with a fully functional kitchen is the first step in the right direction.

Make a List of Ingredients Before Heading to the Store

The emphasis on "prepping" is important in this step. I suggest sticking to a formula of food that feels comfortable to your dietary restrictions and needs. For example, if you eat chicken and not red meat, I suggest pairing a protein like chicken or tofu with a grain and vegetable of your choice. In this way, you will always have a balanced meal and can switch it up to your preferences.

Some tips for saving money are to buy ingredients in bulk. If you are mass meal prepping every week you will need to have a steady supply in advance. Also, buying premade sauces and spice mixes can help you save time and money because you won't have to get obscure ingredients to make a sauce that you'll only use once. Living in an already furnished apartment can also save money that you can use towards food and other living expenses.

Set Aside Time to Cook in Apartments in Tampa

If you decided to cook three times a day every week, you might get bored of it very quickly. With the other responsibilities of your life, cooking this often might be close to impossible. Instead, cooking in your Tampa apartment kitchen on a dedicated meal prep day, once a week, can save so much time and hassle.

Meal prepping normally takes anywhere from 2-5 hours depending on the complexity of the meal you are making. If you are crunched on time, pick simpler and easier meals to make. To make the food you have to purchase all the correct ingredients first by hopping in your car or taking public transportation to the store. Then, buying pre-prepared sauces, pre-cooked proteins, and sticking to the basics will help you cook a lot of food in a short time.

Store Food Properly in Tampa Apartments

There's no use preparing a bunch of food for the week unless you can store it, so that it doesn't go bad. It would be a shame if the effort you put into prepping was wasted because of faulty food storage. I suggest investing in glass food storage containers that can keep your food fresh for a long period. The reason why glass is better than plastic is that it can hold hot or cold food and won't warp from the temperature of the item it's holding. Secondly, glass is easy to clean and can be reused for future meals. That's cost-effective and environment-conscious!

If you live in a 4-bedroom apartment, you will most likely be sharing a fridge with other people. The great thing about glass containers is that they can stack on top of each other, wasting less room in the fridge because it will be organized correctly and efficiently.


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