I am new to the town, where can I go to meet people?

In such a historic and cultured city as St. Petersburg, it has become second nature to meet new friends and faces in your area. Community events such as the Jazz festival and AntiWarped Tour, to the tourist friendly beaches and Parks, St. Petersburg has become a melting pot of eccentric people. It is rare when you don't see groups of people out on the street enjoying the Bay area lifestyle. If you are looking to live in an apartment near St. Pete's liveliest neighborhood, just use our Tampa Bay Area Neighborhood Guide to learn what area suits you best! St. Pete is always hosting community events such as first Friday, where local businesses show their support for the town, concerts are held and Bars open their doors with special discounts! It is also easy to join yoga clubs and new hobbies such as surfing or fishing. The St. Pete community is always open to welcoming new comers into the neighborhood!

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