Are there modern neighborhood in Clearwater?

Like most beach towns, Clearwater is revived in a slow-paced, laid back atmosphere. Embedded in sugar white sand, the natural beauty of the city is intermixed in casual dinning and vibrant entertainment. Clearwater is just West of Tampa and is the smallest of the three cities in the Tampa Bay Area. However, do not be quick to exclude this city from being categorized as a metropolitan beach destination. Unlike many beach-built towns, Clearwater's recent beautification and development have kept many from underestimating the city's enriching modernity.

If you are seeking a more city feel within a beach town, you may have to stay open minded. Although the city of Clearwater can cultivate the feel to a certain degree, you will probably not get a decent taste of a prosperous city life here. The Clearwater area is celebrated for its warm gulf breezes and crystal beaches. It is no wonder why the city spends more of their income on maintaining its tourist attraction than industrializing its city. However, this does not stifle your ability to find more urbanized areas within the city. There are neighborhoods within Clearwater that are more modernized than others.

To search for Clearwater apartments with a feel of a metropolitan mix, you should first look in Downtown Clearwater. Downtown Clearwater has been undergoing redevelopment and construction over the last few years. Here, you can expect to find high-rise condos, apartments, upscale bars and restaurants. Although you can safely bet that properties in downtown will be much pricier, it is only two miles from the beach where prices may fluctuate depending on your exact location.

Another viable location may be just outside of Clearwater on the Causeway. This area is more suitable for those who may need to travel into Tampa for work or for those looking for quick access to the mall, airport and major roadways. The causeway area is mostly populated with young professionals and newly graduates. Clearwater apartments in this area are quite affordable, newer, and convenient. Many have plenty of parking, porches, and waterfront backyards. This community is next to plenty of beach bars, top hotels and restaurants, and is only a few minutes drive to the beach. For apartments near Clearwater in this neighborhood, search for units near Rocky Point.

For a small-town city feel, you may also want to check out homes near the Safety Harbor community. Just minutes from Clearwater Beach, Safety Harbor is a close-knit community straight from a scene in Pleasantville. Equipped with coffee shops, antique boutiques, local dinners and bricked paved streets, this neighborhood is adorably suited for families and retirees. However, properties in this area do tend to be a little older and pricey.

Although you may clamor for a more fast-paced and vibrant neighborhood, Clearwater does have a moderate mix of metropolitan and Beach towns. The city may not be as updated as St. Pete or Tampa. However, there are several neighborhoods that may be well suited for those who wish to simultaneously experience the city and beach life.

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