Are there modern neighborhoods in St. Pete?

Are you clamoring for a more fast-paced and vibrant neighborhood? St. Pete has a moderate mix of beach towns and metropolitan communities.

Although the city is bordered by the Bay Area's Warm Gulf waters and pure white sand, the town's attention has really shifted towards its modish styled neighborhoods and urban dwellings. In fact, St. Petersburg has been recognized in several magazines for its "lively" art scene.

When searching for a modernized place to live within the beach town, downtown St. Pete is worth the visit. St. Pete apartments downtown contain high rise buildings, myriads of entertainment and is just ten miles from the beaches. Deemed the "business district," downtown has increasingly become popular in the art scene, attracting indie and top 40 artists to the area. If you prefer to live in the center of the bustle and hustle of downtown, look for St. Pete apartments on Central Avenue near Jannuse Live and State Theatre. Just around the corner is the USF St. Pete campus and St. Pete College.

The west district of the business district is home to the Tampa Bay Ray's Tropicana Field. Many St. Pete apartments in this area are surrounded with entertainment come baseball season, especially those homes near or within walking distance of Ferg's.

If you are looking for more a neighborhood setting with a younger population, look for apartments near St. Pete in the University Park community. Located in North downtown, this community is located just off of Central Avenue and 5th Street. Although containing over 367 historic buildings, this neighborhood's culture is quite modern, as many students and artist live in the area.

Just adjacent to downtown is Old Historic Northeast. Many St. Pete apartments in this area are surrounded by Parks, million dollars homes and family friendly activities. Although most of this neighborhood is used to residential spaces, there are several restaurants and boutiques throughout the community.

Roser Park, currently undergoing a renaissance renovation much like the rest of the city, is one of the most popular neighborhoods in St. Pete. Roser Park is centrally located on 4th Street next to downtown, the beaches and the Tropicana Field. Many of those who are attending one of the three colleges in town find this neighborhood's location to be quite convenient. Although this neighborhood is embedded with historic character in its tree lined walkways and inviting neighbors, its close proximity to the business district in downtown allows residents to be minutes away from the city's hospitals, arenas, arts and entertainment.

There are several modern neighborhoods throughout the area. However, the most industrialized communities are within the downtown district of the city.

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