Where are the best places to live near the airport?

Are you searching for Tampa apartments near the airport? Being a commuter imposes significant challenges on those who need easy access to a city's International airport. Per most states, airports are usually located in the center of downtown, near the business districts and surrounded by entertainment. With Tampa being geographically large, however, it remains difficult to be within walking distance to the terminal. Conversely, there are several neighborhoods to consider when beginning your search.

Downtown Tampa may be your first stop when looking for Tampa apartments near the airport. This neighborhood is probably one of the closest areas to the town's terminal. There are plenty of units for rent and purchase in this industrialized region. That being said, there are several problematic issues concerning the region; First, this community has its fair share of rush hour traffic. If you plan on traveling during the 9 to 5 hours, you may want to plan ahead. Living here can also cost you a few extra bucks. Many of the units are housed in highrise buildings featuring luxury and modern designs. While all these characteristics are fantastic, these dwellings are much more expensive than surrounding areas. Additionally, unlike most cities, downtown Tampa is relatively slow. There is several bars and restaurant, businesses and shops to attend, but most of the entertainment and noise happens in South Tampa and the Westshore districts.

Many find Westshore to be an idea contender when looking to live across the street from a commuting station. Tampa's International airport sits just across the road from this neighborhood. This district has a variety of housing styles to choose from all ranging in rent prices and accommodations. There are parts of this precinct that are family friends and other parts that a great for students, singles, and young business professionals. The cost is just near these communities and there is plenty of things to do.

South Tampa is a bit further from the airport and may be somewhat off putting for those who prefer a five-minute drive or less to their destination. SoHo thrives on nightlife and embellishes an eclectic blend of history and modern design. Many students live in the outskirts of this town with families embodying the suburb style neighborhoods.

Tampa apartments located in Rock Pointe are well accommodating when it comes to living close to the terminal region. Here, you can enjoy a two minute drive from your destination while experiencing the Gulf of Mexico shore lines. Properties here are newer, spacious and near restaurants, the mall and hotels. Many out of towners take up space in this area and it has become increasingly popular amongst college graduates.

Overall, the most popular neighborhoods near the air port are downtown, South Tampa, Westshore and Rocky Pointe. While SoHo may be further from the airport, it has a premier night scene. West Shore, Downtown and Rocky Pointe are top contenders when searching for ideal neighborhoods to live in.


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