What are the neighborhoods like in Clearwater?

Although tourism is Clearwater's largest industry, a slow walk down its neighborhoods can reflect a new light on this Gulf Front barrier Island city and even help guide your apartment search!

Sand and surf are among a few of the compliments radiating throughout the city of Clearwater. In fact, most residents here are quite welcoming. There is an appealing sense of the Tampa Bay community throughout Clearwater that is evident in many of its ma and pa shops, diners and boutiques. This town is blended is a modern diversity of residents from part timers who come to revel the city during the winter months, to the retirees, families and year round spring breakers. Taking a peak inside some of the city's most attractive neighborhoods will embody the inviting philosophy that is the city of Clearwater.

Sand Key is just south of Clearwater beach. Known as a Florida vacation destination, this community tends to attract more tourist and beach dwellers. The majority of Clearwater apartments in this area are more than likely rented out by vacationers enjoying the white sand and warm waters. There are newer and more luxurious Clearwater apartments on the beach and near Sand Key. However, there has recently been a boom of newer homes in the area. Although this area can be more costly than others, the majority of residents in this area are polite, laid back and attuned to new neighbors.

North beach is compromised mostly of Old Florida-styled homes. However, this neighborhood is far from the retiree neighborhood you may have already imagined. Located close to pier 60, this location tends to populate with many college under grads and out of towners. This community tends to be surrounded by hotels, motels and plenty of apartments. Clearwater apartments in this area do tend to be slightly outdated, older, yet fairly affordable. You can expect the residents near the Clearwater beach area to be a mix of students and families. Traffic does seem to become congested around these neighborhoods during the peak season of summer and spring break.

Island Estates is home to mid-rise condos and serene views of the Gulf. Most homes in this area have backyard access to the Gulf of Mexico, making this community highly desirable. With over 2,000 apartments and condos in the area, this location tends to be relatively affordable inexpensive in comparison to other water- front properties in Clearwater. Located on an island, this neighborhood is equipped with convenience so you never have to leave. The island has its own town, featuring grocery stores, liquor stores, starbucks, banks, restaurants, pubs and more. If you are looking for an apartment that enables you to enjoy a secluded yet tightly knit community, this tampa bay neighborhood would be perfect!

Harbor oaks, a historic district over looking the harbor of Clearwater, is filled with century old homes and giant live oaks. Known as more of a residential neighborhood, more families tend to take up space here. This neighborhood has more of a suburb feel, that often comes off as more peaceful, inviting and safe. Clearwater apartments in this area do come with a cost and may not be as affordable as the previously mentioned neighborhoods.

There are tons of apartment communities neighborhoods located in this Pinellas County city with affordable Clearwater apartments and impeccable views. Most of the Florida communities are laid back, quiet, and welcoming.

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