I am an adventure seeker, what can I do in Clearwater?

Whether you live in an apartment in Clearwater or live near the city, there is plenty to do for those of you who want to live on the edge! Flight excursions are offered throughout the day. Jump on a small Cessna flight and explore the view of Clearwater Beach! Take in an aerial experience of the Skyway Bridge, Beaches, and Parks! Take a lesson in Kite Boarding, one of the cities most popular sports! This extreme sport has brought surfing to a new level! Kayaking has become another favorite hobby to those who seek adventure. Take a kayak out to Fort Desoto Park and discover one of the many interconnected islands. If you love heights, you can take one of the many parasailing trips offered on the beaches from sunrise to sunset. Feel free to rent of take out your own wave runner and hit the water!

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