I will be moving to Clearwater soon – do you have any packing tips?

Moving and packing really go hand in hand – it is, unfortunately, hard to move without packing. Of course, some folks will try to do so, but I can attest - thanks to witnessing such attempts – it isn't fun for anyone. A lot of people dread packing, so they put it off until the last minute. This starts a vicious cycle, because rushing while you pack makes it a truly stressful experience. Try to pack ahead of time to move into your Clearwater apartment.

When you are packing, some people believe that you can never start to early. I don't quite agree with that view – but it is my experience that you probably have more stuff than you think you do, and, consequently, it will take you longer to pack than you think it will. If you like to pace yourself, I think a month is plenty of time for you to begin packing some things that you don't often use.

Before you start packing to move into your new Clearwater apartment, let it be known that you are looking for boxes. People you know may offer some that they have just laying around, or may save any that they get from purchases for you. Many people have access to lots of boxes through their work that they would be happy for you to reuse. If you don't start collecting ahead of time, you can go by a supermarket or grocery store and ask them if they have any boxes you can have. If you can, it is better to get boxes that have not contained food or drink items. They may tell you that you have to come at a certain time, but when you do, you'll find a plethora of boxes ripe for your move. You may also want to start collecting newspapers, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts to cushion your fragile items.

A month before you move into your Clearwater apartment, you can probably pack out-of-season clothes, like winter coats or bathing suits. Many things hidden deep in your closet can also be packed this far in advance. If you haven't used your tennis racket in six months, chances are, you won't play in the next month, either. When packing, I ask myself, "Will I need this in the next week(or however far along you are in your moving timeline)?"

When you pack, put heavier things (books) in smaller boxes, and lighter things in bigger boxes. You want the boxes to be a manageable weight, and you also don't want them to be so heavy that they bust open. Fill your boxes completely, even if it means stuffing newspapers in the empty spaces. If boxes aren't full, they might get crushed under other boxes. If you are really trying to pack in as little space as possible, you can even put in towels or blankets in the empty spaces. Doing this will make it more confusing when you unpack at your Clearwater apartment, however.

To pack fragile items, like dishes, wrap each item in newspaper and/or bubble wrap. Plates should be packed on their sides, not flat. They can withstand more force when they are on their side, and thus are less likely to break.

When you disassemble things with bolts, put all the small pieces in a bag and tape the bag to the item. Also, take pictures of how your electronics are set up. You may not realize how long it took you to set it up the first time, and this time, you probably won't have all the instructions.

Label your boxes!! There are lots of ways you can label. You can write what is in the box on the box. You can write which room the box should be placed in. You can number your boxes and then keep a separate list of what is in the boxes, in order to make sure all your boxes arrive. If, for some reason, a box never shows up, you will know what you are missing and will have a better chance of finding the box, or perhaps getting money from any moving insurance you have.

Every person should pack their own suitcase of personal items, like enough clothes for a few days, toothbrush, shampoo, and other items you will need when you first move into your Clearwater apartment. This keeps you from having to rush to unpack your first night or few nights. There may also be some items that you want to have with you at all times, like important legal and financial documents.

I could write a lot more about packing (as someone who has packed often), but I will close with a few links that I have found very helpful. This article details several packing tips, several of which I have used and really appreciated. This article also lists several packing tips. Again, I've used several and been really thankful for them. This article is helpful to understanding the best way to distribute weight in your boxes and your moving truck. Happy packing!

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