I like to spend time outside. Are there any parks near Clearwater apartments?

Living in a Clearwater apartment, you will be surrounded by all kinds of nature parks. There are plenty of activities for the kayaker, the fisher, the biker, or the jogger (or just about whatever activity you enjoy). You will find plenty of picturesque locations within Clearwater. The state of Florida has unique and diverse landscapes throughout the state, and Clearwater is no exception. The Clearwater Historical Society makes an attempt to offer some parks that are preserved in their natural state. There are also many parks that have a more developed feel, with playgrounds, pools, and picnic areas. Whichever sort of park you are interested in, you will find plenty in Clearwater.

A handy page that you can use when figuring out which parks are closest to your Clearwater apartment or offer what you are looking for is found here. From this page, you can choose to view the featured Clearwater parks, all Clearwater parks, or even search based on which park amenities you are interested in.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park is found in East Clearwater. Here you can see birds and other wildlife. The park is very much an educational park, with tours, presentations, environmental workshops, and classes. They have some captive birds that are permanently injured and will therefore live in captivity throughout their lives. They also have a song bird aviary, water animals, a butterfly garden, reptiles, amphibians, and plenty of plants to see – including poisonous ones in a special display.

Close to downtown Clearwater, you can find a park that is almost completely untouched by human development. Bayview Park is free to enter. This park is more of a place to explore nature on your own, away from the rush of the city. Within the park are many different kinds of vegetation, including hundred-year-old oaks, wetland areas, and mangroves. Living in an apartment in Clearwater, you are sure to appreciate the quiet serenity found in this peaceful park.

If you prefer a more developed park, you should enjoy Coachman Park. This park has twenty acres of landscaped park. It is the site for many concerts and large events in Clearwater. If you prefer to bring along a four-legged friend with you on your escapades in the park, I would suggest Enterprise Dog Park. Here, you and Fido can enjoy doggy water fountains, various equipment for you dog to play in, and of course, plenty of space to run. The park is fenced in, but your dog must be under your control if you decide to let him off the leash. Picnic areas are located at this park as well. Your dog would definitely love the freedom found here while you are living in a Clearwater apartment.

I've only listed a fraction of the parks that you can find living in an apartment in Clearwater. There are tons more, and you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in time. Great park experiences await you when you move into your Clearwater apartment!

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