How can I avoid bugs and pests in Tampa apartments?

I feel your pain; dealing with an infestation in your home sweet home is the absolute WORST! Whether it is something small like ants or something huge and gross like rats, there's not really anything more terrible than pests in Tampa apartments. Bugs in Florida are an unfortunate situation that we must deal with. I guess we can look at it as a trade-off for the beautiful weather and water views! However, there are quite a few ways you can prevent and get-rid of these pesky critters once and for all!

Apartments in Tampa are susceptible to bugs and pests in many areas of the unit, especially the kitchen. Be sure to wash your dirty dishes and clean up any meal-prep areas. When you drop crumbs or spill liquids without cleaning them up, roaches and ants tend to flock to these areas. When you are storing food, make sure you do so in an airtight container. Even flour and sugar aren't safe from critters! If you have a pet, be sure to store their kibble in the same type of container. Mice and rats do not mess around when it comes to food – they will infiltrate any bag or box! Storing your food items in heavy plastic or glass containers will help alleviate the stress of finding a furry creature in your cereal!

It is important to keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator in Tampa apartments. I know many people like to leave their sweet fruits out on the kitchen counter, but fruit flies can be a problem if a window or door is left open. Besides using these storage techniques, make sure you vacuum, sweep and mop regularly. We don't always see the little fits of food crumbs that fall into the cracks, collect around baseboard and hide in the carpet fibers – but pests do!

Another thing to remember when living in apartments in Tampa is to not leave standing water in your bathtub or sink. Roaches tend to flock to wet areas, especially since they can go weeks without eating. You'll also want to make sure you have no leaks in your pipes under the sink. Moisture and dark areas is the perfect habitat for unwelcomed guests. You'll want to make sure you call emergency maintenance to fix any leaky pipes or caulk up any areas that may need it.

The best part about dealing with an infestation in Tampa apartments is…sometimes, you aren't the one who has to deal with the extermination process! Many apartment communities offer pest control services that are included in the price of your rent. Most companies are great at keeping pests and bugs at bay during the year. Sometimes, however, a few will sneak through the cracks. If you ever have a problem, you can always call your office and explain that you may need additional pest control. They will most likely be very happy to handle your request so you can get back to your bug-free way of living in no time!

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