I am looking for newer homes in the Pinellas-Clearwater area, where should I search in?

If you are looking for apartments in Clearwater near or in Pinellas County, there are several neighborhoods to consider.


Many who visit the Clearwater area quickly take notice of its older homes and established neighborhoods, especially near the beach areas. Most of these homes are well maintained, however, older homes are sometimes harder to keep up with.  Many properties in this town were built in the 1950-70's era and are referred to as “bunkers.”  Although this quaint cottages come with character, some openly prefer a more modern or updated unit.


If you are looking relocate to a newer, family friendly area you may want to begin your search for apartments in Clearwater in the North East part of the city. These neighborhoods include Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, Tarpon Springs, and Palm Harbor. Homes in these areas are mostly newer, built in the 1990's and early 2000's.


Safety Harbor is an inviting, cute and charming little town. When first traveling into downtown Safety Harbor, you may get a feel for the “bunker” housing. However, this area is the oldest part of the neighborhood and there are many updated housing properties within the area, especially just outside of downtown.  This small region of metropolitan buildings in this community, although older, are surrounded by café's, boutiques, Starbucks and shops along the water.  Many residents in the area enjoy walks throughout the district's shaded sidewalks and parks. This area is calm, quiet and engulfed by families.


Oldsmar is another popular neighborhood located in Pinellas County. Similar to Safety Harbor, this neighborhood invokes elements of new and old. However, there are lots of apartments in Clearwater that are newly built or have just been renovated.  This neighborhood is centered just between Tampa and Clearwater and is next to major roadways, helping commuters easily travel from one spot to the next.


Tarpon Springs is most recently known for its sponge docks. This community lives off of the water, bringing Gulf of Mexico characteristics into its architecture and way of life. Although there are newer places in his town, the majority are older.


Palm Harbor is another district with a charming appeal. This community offers a wide range of housing options—from new to old, large and small, luxury to humble bungalows.  This is a quickly growing area with great schools and lots to do. It is located just off of the coast allowing many residents to partake in boating, fishing, scuba diving and hiking.


There are several areas and neighborhoods throughout Pinellas County to consider when searching for apartments in Clearwater. Most districts will have a balanced blend of old and newer buildings, with the option to possible live in either kind. With the growing expansion in Palm Harbor, there may be more options of newer properties when looking to live in a newly built home. 

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