Are there any places to live where I can take advantage of Florida’s weather?

Tampa, meaning “sticks of fire,” derived its name from the Calusa American Indian word. Known for its frequent lighting strikes during the summer months, it is no surprise why the city would be struck with such a threatening name. However difficult it may be for outsiders to generate a sense of the wide-eyed wonder in this city, Tampa is no more a treacherous state than California's earthquakes or Oklahoma's tornadoes.

Although there are undoubtedly wetter months throughout June to the end of August, Florida is known for the Sunshine State and for good reason. For that given reason, you can rest assured knowing that moving to this State will still allow you to enjoy its most infamous features.

Notoriously known by many outside the area as a tourist hot spot, Tampa is embedded in pure white sand, warm gulf waters, and palm-lined streets. A diverse mix of natives, tourist, families, professionals, students and retirees love to call this city home.

Surely Tampa is a city of outdoors. With the average temperature near the mid 70's, remaining in doors becomes irresistible throughout most of the months. When searching for Tampa apartments there are plenty of locations that allow you to take advantage of Florida's weather.

If you love to run, jog, walk, or bike, consider taking a stroll down the world's longest sidewalk. That's right, Tampa has it! Bayshore Boulevard is the world's longest continuous sidewalk . Well, maybe not the world's longest sidewalk, but Bayshore Boulevard is a mecca of a palm-lined, paved sidewalk that runs along side the ritzy bay's mansions and high rise condominiums and the bay's water. The sidewalk, stretching 4.5 miles long, is also the site of the town's yearly Gasparilla Parade, held each February. These Tampa apartments can get a little pricey per square footage, however, there are very affordable units within the area. Properties on bayshore to rent out fairly quickly, so snatch one while you can.

Another great area landscaped along the shoreline is just outside of South Tampa and the Westshore areas called Rocky Point. Rocky point is just minutes from the airport and the mall and just a short drive from downtown. Tampa apartments in this area are fairly affordable and right along the Gulf of Mexico shore lines. Therefore, this area is considered a great bargain for those who prefer beach views with bungalow pay.

South Tampa is another hot spot where outdoor architecture that compliments the neighborhood. Here, you follow the old Florida brick path ways to one of the many restaurants and outside patio bars. You will also find many other residents strolling the street while shopping at some of the outdoor stores such as Pottery Barn and Anthropologie. Many activities are within walking distance of the apartments near Tampa in this community.

In actually, many Tampa neighborhoods are circled around the landscape and of Florida's weather. You will find that most, if not all, living communities within the Bay area are shielded with canopy trees and Palms with plenty of park space and areas to soak up the sun.

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