I noticed some apartments near St. Pete offer preferred employer discounts, what’s that?

You may have noticed that there are some St. Petersburg apartments that offer a preferred employer discount. This means that the apartment offers a lower rent rate to employees of certain businesses. This may sound strange to you, but it actually makes perfect sense when you take a closer look at it.

It isn't like St. Petersburg apartments likes certain businesses more than others. I can also assure you that there isn't any kind of agreement between businesses and St. Petersburg apartments for promotions or deal. The reason these preferred employer discounts exist is for rental incentive.

St. Petersburg apartments want renters, like all apartment communities do. The way they choose which businesses to offer the preferred employer discounts is all based off which businesses are close. The reason for this is because they want to entice employers who work in the local area, to live in apartments that are closer to their jobs.

If you are someone who works far away from your home, and you find out that apartment complexes near your job are offering people like you a discount, you may consider moving. Plenty of apartments near St. Pete continue to use this form of marketing because it has proven to be extremely effective. For St. Petersburg apartments, it is really as simple as that.

Preferred employer discounts not only help St. Petersburg apartments draw in residents, but keep them as well. Apartments that offer preferred employer discounts tend to draw people that work as the same business into one community. This has proven to be extremely effective at creating a network of people who work under the same company. Other employers of the same company are more bound to hear about the apartment complex, and current residents are more likely to stay.

It's nice to live in an area where you know people who live nearby. You can hang out with them or ask them for help when you need it; you can even carpool with them on the way to work. Unless there is a collective agreement among a group of coworkers to move, residents are more likely to stay because of the type of community they have access too.

St. Petersburg apartments helps build this community with preferred employer discounts, and residents are able to take advantage of it. Really, it is a winning situation for everyone who is involved.

Overall, preferred employer discounts at St. Petersburg apartments are a really effective marketing tactic that help local employees in the process. They are able to draw in new residents, and build a stable community within the complex. If you have a job near any of the St. Petersburg apartments you are interested in, you should look to see if any preferred employer discounts are available to you.

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