What’s the Best Way Get My Tampa Apartment Ready for the New Year?

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Get your space ready for the New Year with our tips and tricks to refresh and recharge.

New year, new you, they say – but what's the best way to renew and refresh your apartment in Tampa for the New Year? Perhaps you've made a resolution to KonMari your abode and ditch anything that doesn't spark joy. Or you've recently gotten into yoga and would like to build a Zen Room. Perhaps you've moved into a new place for a new life adventure and just don't know where to start. Thankfully, we've got you covered with these tips and tricks for getting motivated to spruce up your place!

Cleaning Also Burns Calories

Fitness experts say cleaning your apartment can burn up to two hundred calories an hour. Whether you have a sprawling townhome or an adorably efficient studio, busting out the duster and vacuum is not only good for your body but can also help decrease depression and anxiety. Not to mention, getting rid of those dust bunnies and letting the fresh air in also removes loads of nasty little tidbits that can cause rashes or other allergic reactions. If you're a dog or cat lover, you know those huge tumbleweeds of fur can be hiding anywhere. If you're hesitant to use harsh chemicals in your home, try Mrs. Meyers products, available at any major grocery store, or check online for how to make your own using baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils.

Be a Re-Arranger

Nothing quite gives your Tampa apartment a facelift like rearranging the layout, bringing in some new elements, or finally trashing that old couch from your parents' house. You've probably heard of the ancient practice of Feng Shui, but its principles are actually quite complex. The basic goal is to achieve a delightful flow of chi – the universal energy present in and around you. A key creator of good chi is to be happy and at peace with your surroundings, and if you're still staring at Aunt Martha's hand-me-down rug with the questionable stain in the middle of your Tampa apartment, that's just not good chi.

The five elements of Feng Shui are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Lush, healthy plants, candles, natural landscape pictures, metal frames and bowls, and fountains can all contribute to creating a pleasing flow of chi as well as a relaxing environment. Just be careful though – if you live in a quiet community, be considerate of your neighbors and only move heavy furniture during the day! 

Create A Man Cave or She Shed

It's easy to create a tiny hidey-hole in your Tampa apartment – you just have to get creative. Whether you're at USF or down in Westshore, there's a variety of ways to make a sweet little personal oasis. Loft beds are quite popular and can be custom-designed to fit in your apartment with easy installation that doesn't leave a mark. Raise up your double or queen-sized bed, and curtain off the space below for a tiny retreat where you can read or game. Tall, three-panel screens are also excellent at dividing a common living space and can be decorated to show your personality (and your desire for solitude). If you've got a patio or balcony, add bamboo shades and plenty of healthy plants for privacy, and enjoy that fresh air in peace.

It's Curtains for You

Fresh draperies are totally affordable and can change the look and feel of your home in just a few minutes. IKEA and other online stores have a wide variety of curtain panels that are super easy to put up and can be mixed and matched to create your own style. Don't be worried about drilling holes in the wall and getting beef from the leasing office – look for spring loaded curtain rods that fit in the window frame and can be quickly removed without leaving a trace. Curtains aren't just for windows either – they can be utilized in different ways around your space to create pathways or hide a pantry or laundry area. If you live in a complex with a fun and active pool area, make sure your curtains are drawn tightly at night for safety and privacy.

What are you waiting for? Time for a fresh start, especially after the last year – nothing will feel better than scrubbing that all away, getting rid of things that no longer serve you, letting in fresh air and light, and being the best you that you can be. Keep checking RentTampaBay.com for more ideas and updates for your Tampa apartment!

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