How are the schools in Clearwater?

Are you worried about making a smooth transition to adjusting to a new school? There are plenty of schools throughout the Clearwater area! This award winning school district offers a variety of public and private schools as well as colleges near the county. From St Paul’s school to Clearwater High School, you are sure to find a school that will foster success within your child. If you are looking for a college, there are plenty to choose from. The University Of South Florida is not too far from your Clearwater apartment. This University has a number of majors and studies to choose from. You can enjoy the beach and a studious lifestyle! Also nearby is St Pete College, The Art Institute, International Academy of Design, Argosy College and Stetson University College of Law! You are sure to find the perfect school to fit your needs with the large selection the Clearwater area has to offer!

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