Should I Pay Rent Using a Drop Box?

Photo of St. Croix ApartmentsSt. Croix is one community that allows you to pay rent online and check the status of your payment at any time.

Paying rent each month is never fun, and not knowing whether your money is safe in a leasing office's drop box is just another thing to worry about. After all, what's keeping someone from snooping around and stealing a few checks and envelopes? How can you truly know that your rent is safe each time you slip it into the drop box? Put simply, you can't.  Drop box thefts do happen, and hurts both you and the apartment community. 

Thankfully, they don't happen very often, and many apartments will take special precautions to prevent drop box theft.

Is there a safer way to pay rent?

Until you deposit your rent in a drop box, you're solely responsible for it  should it be lost or stolen.Until you deposit your rent in a drop box, you're solely
responsible for it should it be lost or stolen.

Taking care of your rent should be easy and stress-free. A lot of apartment communities give residents the option to pay their rent securely online 24 hours a day. It's safer, and more convenient than having to rush to the office to drop off your rent during office hours. However, there usually is a small fee involved when you pay online using a credit or debit card. For some, this may be a deterrent and they may feel more comfortable paying the old fashion way.

Not all communities have an online rent payment option, but if it's available you should definitely look into it as an alternative to paying using a drop box. You'll still be responsible for paying your rent on time, but you'll be able to pay your rent from anywhere, provided you have internet access.

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