What should I do if the virus has me stuck in my Tampa apartment?

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing, with updates that seem like they come every few minutes. Currently, Tampa residents are being asked to practice "social distancing," which according to the Tampa Bay Times, is "a way to slow the spread of a contagious disease such as COVID-19 by reducing contact between people." This includes staying home if and when you can. 

I know that this can be frustrating - I am currently writing to you while at home, where I have been working for the past few weeks - but it is important to make the best of the situation at hand. While spending the bulk of your time in one of the apartments in Tampa, these are a few things you can do:

  • Hone your hobbies. Whether that includes catching up on your reading or working on needlepoint projects, find something you enjoy doing at home. It is easy to get caught up in the latest news, so try to explore hobbies that help you relax. There are plenty of free resources online, like yoga flows and baking tutorials, so it's likely you'll have plenty of options to choose from.
    • PSA: If you're looking to read more, I recommend seeing what you can borrow from your local Tampa library with Libby - it's an app that allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks instantly, for free!
  • Make self-improvements. Have you been procrastinating on practicing your Spanish or updating your resume? Use this time to better yourself, whatever that means for you. Maybe you want to work on your fitness - more than ever, there are hundreds of workouts to follow online, and many of them available for free. If you have to spend this time in your apartment, you may as well be better for it.
  • Tidy up your apartment. Tampa apartments can have some gorgeous water views, but that doesn't mean the view inside your apartment is quite as lovely. Use this extra time at home to tidy up - catch up on laundry, wash your dishes, etc. - as well as knock out the "to do" items you've been putting off. There's no better time than now to set up that gallery wall in your living room!
  • Be social. Seems like the opposite of "social distancing," but to avoid feeling isolated, it is important to maintain contact with your friends and family - you just have to be a little creative about how you stay in touch. Have virtual hangouts (you can FaceTime calls up to 32 people at once) or start a group text with your neighbors in nearby Tampa apartments. Heck, maybe even call someone up on the phone; they'll appreciate it.

Even if you follow this advice, you will likely have moments where you feel upset or stressed out. As much as you love sitting on your couch in the air conditioning, there's a whole world out there waiting to be explored! Don't worry, it'll still be there when we're ready and able to explore it again. In the meantime, we're in this together - in our own homes.

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