Are there dog parks in the South Tampa area?

Are you searching for an apartment near Tampa where your dog will have plenty of recreational space? There are several pet friendly parks near Tampa apartments throughout the city.

If you are moving to SoHo with a canine in tow, it may be important to live in an area that is conducive both to you and your bet. From larger to smaller breeds, pet friendly playgrounds in the bay area can range from beaches to lakes, wooded landscape, and fenced in grassland. While many dog parks contain similar features, it is important to evaluate the conditions of the park in order to decide which area may be most beneficial for you and your pal. When examining each park, you may want to check for any holes in the fencing, what kind of breeds may be at the recreational site, and what sort of environment surrounds the area. Take a look around the fenced in region to ensure the animal interaction is safe and in a clean atmosphere. No matter which part of South Tampa you decide to live in, there tends to be a dog park in nearly every neighborhood.

Just within then South Tampa and Westshore neighborhoods, there are several popular parks to visit.

One of the most attractive pet-friendly parks in the bay area is Picnic Island. This park is surrounded by the bay and has two beaches, one for the puppies and one for the people. The pet area is fenced in on both sides and provides plenty of space for your pal to run around in. The waves are pretty calm, as most of the them are broken by the fishing pier before they reach the coast. There is a few picnic tables, water fountains for the dogs and a washing station.  This play area tends to get quite busy during the weekends, especially when weather permits. Breeds range from all types from puppies to labs.

Gadsen Park is right around the corner from Picnic Island. This area is more catered to specific breeds and sizes. If you are hesitant about mixing your miniature with larger dogs, Gadsen park has three separate fenced in areas, one for larger and smaller breeds. The last fenced in area is for leashed dogs only.

Not too far from Gadsen is Davis Island Dog Beach. Although this water is not recommended for human play, many dogs love to splash around in this park's water and sand. You may want to take notice, however, that this particular area is also used for boating and therefore, the water may not be as clean.

Just minutes from South Tampa is Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. Located in downtown, this dog park is surrounded by the Hillsborough river. Although this area is much more smaller than the other parks, the scenic views provide a great landscape where you and your pal can relax. There is also plenty of entertainment within walking distance to this area.

The Bay area provides plenty of places where you and your furry pal can enjoy the outdoors. No matter where your Tampa apartment may be located, there is sure to be a recreational spot for the two of you just around the corner.

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