How can I get involved with the art community in St Pete?

Living in an apartment near St. Petersburg, makes it fairly easy to get involved in the Art Community. Surrounded by museums such as the Dali Museum,and C’Est La Vie opens the door to the public and attracts Art intellects alike! St. Petersburg also hosts a “Hop to Hop” visual display every second Saturday of the month. Community wide galleries open their doors to the city, allowing the public to participate in art activities such as painting classes, glass blowing and hands- on seminars. The city also offers numerous clubs and daily discussions to join! Many St. Petersburg apartments support their community by hosting art discussions or galleries in their clubhouse or outdoor areas. The art community doesn’t just stick purely to art. This also includes theater and music, which St. Petersburg is known for! Check out the community play or visit the closest bar where you can hear your favorite local band!

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