Is there a college campus in St. Pete?

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St. Charles Row is located in St. Pete

Are you searching for St. Pete apartments near a local college? There are three different well-known colleges near St. Pete.

St. Pete College, University of South Florida, and Stetson University College of Law all reside near downtown. Although USF is more known for its Tampa campus, it does have a smaller and artsy campus located in St. Pete just near the water. However, if you think you will be living right on the coast will attending the school downtown schools, you may want to rethink it.

Downtown St. Pete is much different than the other areas of the city. Although the beach is within minutes away, this part of town invokes a much different feel. For example, there is much more of a metropolitan feel as opposed to a laid-back vacation destination. Downtown is enriched with high-rise buildings, coffee shops, shopping and holds a strong arm for culture and art.

Even more so, this region of the Bay is filled with entertainment and night-life, offering residents plenty of things to do.

Both SPC and the South Florida academic institutions are located near the coast of the urban city. If you are specifically looking to live near the South Florida  or SPC campus, you can generally live anywhere near downtown and still be located next to campus.  However, many local students find living near or on 4th Street to be most accommodating since that is where much of the city's entertainment resides. If you hoped to near or in student housing, you may want to look for properties near the University's residence hall. There are plenty of student housing options available in this region.

Another region near the school is on Baywalk. This part of downtown is relatively new and great for those who consider themselves foodies. There are dozens of fine dine and one-of-a-kind restaurants on Baywalk.

Alternatively, just a ten-minute drive from downtown is where Stetson University College of law is located. This little area is known as Gulf Port. Unlike the downtown region, Gulf Port is much of the small-town, beach life city one would expect when moving into St. Pete apartments.  Gulf port is filled with bungalow styled homes, beach parks and shore side restaurants. However, do not expect much nightlife in this region. Although there is a small strip of bars, these pubs are fairly low key. St. Pete apartments near Stetson, however, are quite affordable. Keep in mind that communities near this school may not be a new as those located in downtown.

There are over three different college campuses located in St. Pete. Although the bulk of them reside in downtown, some student find living near Gulf Port to be accommodating as well.

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