Aside from the beach, what is there to do in St. Pete?

Living in a St. Petersburg apartment can become quite convenient when looking for daily activities to keep you busy. Despite living near the nation's most beautiful beaches, St Pete also offers nearly 137 city parks where you can relax, read, hike, bike or picnic! Most of these landscaped parks are open from morning until night fall which allows you to enjoy the scenic sounds of St Petersburg whenever you'd like! If the outdoors are not suitable to your lifestyle, you can engage in the many world renown museums surrounding the St. Petersburg area. These intellectual stimulants range from aviation themes to Monet. The city also hosts numerous festivals to feed your interests. Strolling through the streets may seem like a mundane task. However, the streets of St. Pete are filled with art, music, history and bars! With each new walk, you will learn something new about the city!

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