As an art enthusiast, what are my options in St. Pete?

If you love art, St. Pete is definitely your niche area to live in the Tampa Bay area. Living in a St. Pete apartment will put you very close to several art museums and an artistic culture. Whether you enjoy just seeing art, or getting inspiration for pieces of your own, St. Pete apartments are a great option for you.

The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg hosts the most Dali artwork that can be found outside of Europe! Here you will find over 2100 paintings, prints, artifacts, and sculptures (though obviously, not all by Dali). The artwork isn't all – the museum building itself is a unique work of art itself. Inside, the helical staircase and Spanish-style café make you feel as though you've been transported to another place.

You will also find the Morean Arts Center while you are living in an apartment in St. Pete. Along with rotating exhibits, the Morean Arts Center is also connected to several other art exhibits. About a mile away from the Morean Arts Center, you will find the Chihuly Collection. Made up of hundreds of amazing glass sculptures, this is definitely a treasure in St. Pete. The building was designed expressly to house the Chihuly Collection, and the space allows for larger pieces to be viewed at their best. Also found in this area is a shop where you can watch other glassblowers work. You may even find a piece to take home to your apartment in St. Pete if you visit the shop area.

The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts is also a great area for art enthusiasts living in St. Pete apartments. The permanent collection found here has a little something for everyone, from antiques to modern works. Their rotating exhibits also change frequently, so this museum is not one you will soon be bored with! You may want to become a member, and visit as often as you wish for free for the year while you're living in a St. Pete apartment.

Not only does St. Pete host some great art museums, it is a city full of art, everywhere. Every second Saturday of each month, the city has an "Art Walk." On this day, many studios throughout the city allow folks to come in and see what they've been working on, free of charge. Lots of studios and galleries participate, all listed on the Art Walk website. You can also get updates by liking Art Walk's Facebook Page. While you're out and about, you're sure to become meet other art lovers like yourself!

The Downtown area of St. Pete is full of art, artists, and art enthusiasts. Living in an apartment in St. Pete puts you in the artistic vibe of the area! Downtown, you will find several smaller galleries not listed here, because there are just too many. However, anyone looking for a town that allows them to be surrounded by great art should consider living in an apartment in St. Pete. Living here, you're sure to find some great pieces to add to your place.

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