Is there a student community in Clearwater?

Clearwater is relatively known for its pure white sand, warm Gulf waters, and relaxing R&R hotels. This hot vacation spot is filled with nightly events on the pier, street markets, dolphin sits and deep-sea fishing! Although, the Tampa Bay area is wildly known for its several different schools such as the University of South Florida, St Pete College and the Art Institute, the Clearwater area is not predominantly made up of a student population. There will be some students during the spring break season and occasionally on the weekends. However, the area is mostly made up of an older demographic filled with tourists throughout the beaches. If you are looking to be as close to a student community as you can, trying searching for a Clearwater apartment near Pier 60 or closer to the causeway. Pier 60 is where most students come to party during the day. Living near the causeway will make commuting to the student collegiate areas more convenient and many students call this area home.

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