Can I live in a suburb near the city environment?

Tampa apartments come in a variety of types and locations to accommodate to the needs of nearly every individual. In fact, there are so many neighborhoods throughout the bay area, that it is nearly impossible to visit every single one. The good news is that there are definitely specific areas that invoke suburb living just outside of an urban environment.

If you haven't already figured it out, Tampa is a very large city. There are many communities within the county that can range from a variety of secluded neighborhoods, beach bungalows, and mellow precincts. Although Tampa is dissimilar to most cities in regard to the metropolitan atmosphere, the city of Tampa does have a somewhat industrious setting surrounding some of its neighborhoods.

Depending on how much of a “city life” you want near you new home, you may want to consider starting your search for Tampa apartments in South Tampa. South Tampa creates a small Manhattan feel with close restaurants and shops within walking distance to your home.

The most notable neighborhoods with South Tampa are Bayshore, Hyde Park and Davis Island. All of these neighborhoods include calmer and isolate suburbs within palm lined pathways and shaded areas. These neighborhoods are also near the water and surrounded by a handful of local boutiques, shops and restaurants. Many of the residents in these areas take advantage of Florida's fine weather and often spend their time outdoors. Many of these Tampa apartments, however, are in high depend due to their convenience to entertainment and sought after location. There are older and more affordable units throughout that location, but it may require more of a detailed and consistent search.

An advantage to living in South Tampa or “SoHo” is that there really is always something to do just near by, be it shopping, dinning, jogging, enjoying the nightlife or fesitvals. The town's Gasparilla Parade travels throughout this neighborhood each February bringing out a crowd of residents to South Tampa. South Tampa is also just a short drive to the beach and is located in the center of Tampa. This means that residents have easy access to downtown, Channelside, Ybor, the airport, and Raymond James Stadium. Many business professionals tend to take up space in this specific community due to its convenient location.

Hyde Park and Davis Island are almost connected to South Tampa. Although these neighborhoods are smaller, there are many diverse living styles in these communities. Tampa apartments come in historic dwellings and brand new buildings. Like South Tampa, however, units are often hard to come by and you may have to spend a fair amount of time searching for a home in this location.

Although there are other notable neighborhoods that fit the criteria of a suburb like community within an urban vibe, South Tampa, Hyde Park and Davis Island are probably a few of the most popular neighborhoods in Tampa.


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