What are some of the great suburbs near Tampa?

The overall feel of the city of Tampa is instilled in a family-friendly vibrancy mixed with urban elements. You will find lots of suburban communities throughout the entire city of Tampa Bay. Some are located in more secluded areas while some are surrounded with plenty of entertainment.

New Tampa has become a prominent community centered around serene suburbs. With several “A” school in the area, it is no wonder why many families flock to the New Tampa neighborhood. New Tampa has become the horizon for little league sports and community events. With a YMCA in the area and several recreational parks, there is plenty of park space to create light hearted competition amongst families and children. There is also plenty to do in this area. Wiregrass mall is just a short drive from the area, a movie theatre is just across the streets, and there are dozens upon dozens of restaurants from sushi to steak houses. I-75 is also located in the heart of New Tampa, allowing New Tampa residents to commute to and from downtown Tampa and the beaches fairly easy.

Across town is the North Tampa area, more commonly known as Carroll Wood. This older and more established suburban neighborhood is enriched with shaded trees, aligned with golf courses, and paved with family-friendly sidewalks. The Carroll Wood community is really as convenient as it gets. Although most Tampa apartments are older in this area, they are well-kept and highly reputable. Tampa apartments here are also reasonably priced as fair as rent goes. North and South Dale Mabry, one of Tampa most popular roadways, runs up and down this neighborhood causing some rush hour traffic while also providing built in convenience for commuters. North Tampa is embedded with tons of entertainment. Just North of Raymond James Stadium, this area is not far from the airport, International Plaza, and is a very short drive to the beach. Although not all of the schools are noted as “A” rates, they above average and some schools even offer the IB program.

Apartments near Tampa in the Lutz community are much more secluded than North and New Tampa. Although this suburb is just outside of Tampa, it has much more of a rural feel and is much more quiet than New and North Tampa. Lutz also experiences much less traffic than the two other neighborhoods. However, both Wiregrass and International malls are a twenty to thirty minute drive, the beaches are a mere thirty to forty minute commute, entertainment may not be as plentiful and school choices are limited. Lutz is almost the middle ground between North and New Tampa.

Westchase is one of the most popular suburban areas. Westchase has a mix of family fun with trendy landscape. Here, you can find three story Tampa apartments on top of boutiques, Starbucks and fitness centers. However, units in this area will be much more expensive than any of the mentioned neighborhoods. On a positive note, this community is much closer to downtown, the beaches and malls. Like New Tampa and Carroll Wood, there is more than enough dinning and entertainment in this location to keep you busy on a daily basis.

Suburb communities are dispersed throughout the Tampa Bay area. In nearly every district in town lies a suburb area great for new families, retirees or young professionals.

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