I love running, are there any Tampa apartments near scenic routes?

No matter which of the Tampa apartments you choose to live in, you need to choose a home that fits your lifestyle and supports you. Running is a methodical form of therapy for many people, giving great exercise while also relieving any stress built up in daily life. Tampa has a lot of beauty to offer; if you are a runner, you should look for an apartment that allows your running to take advantage of this beauty.

One of the best places to look at apartments in Tampa Bay near great running routes is in northwestern Tampa. Just outside the city, these apartments were built into the environment without having to make major alterations. Many residents in this area love it, because they can enjoy the natural beauty of the Tampa area, as well as an easy commute into the main city if they need it.

In addition to the great scenery near these Tampa apartments, there are many great running routes for residents to take advantage of. Suncoast Trail is the largest of the running routes, spanning over forty-one miles. It runs adjacent to the Suncoast Highway but is out of its sight, making it easy to get to by car if need be. The trail is popular for bicyclists and runners alike, as the further down the trail you go the more natural it becomes.

Another great running path for residents living in northwest Tampa apartments is the Upper Tampa Bay Trail. This trail only spans a little over seven miles, but does eventually connect to Suncoast Trail if you feel you want to keep going. This trail is more urban than the Suncoast Trail, with bridges and underpasses along it. It is located right off of Memorial Highway.

The final great running trail in this area of Tampa is Lake Rogers Park. This route is the shortest of any, only spanning two and a half miles. It is a great route for runners who want a shorter run, but the most natural scenery. Expect your shoes to get dirty as you run along a dirt path, taking in the beauty that surrounds Lake Rogers. In addition, many residents in these Tampa apartments love to go here for fishing and canoeing.

If you want to live more inside of city rather than out its outskirts, one of the best areas to go to would be south Tampa. Here you will live right on the side of the Old Tampa Bay, offering great scenery for runners who love the ocean. One of the most popular paths in the area is Bayshore Boulevard Linear Park, a four and a half mile sidewalk that runs right alongside the bay itself. Enjoy the ocean breeze, along with city amenities such as benches, water fountains, and bicycle parking if you ever need to take a break. Living in this area will not only give you great urban and oceanic scenery, but also great access to the main routes of Tampa allowing you to go anywhere in the city with ease.

There is a great amount of choice involved when looking for apartments in Tampa Bay near scenic routes, both in the city and out. The places I listed are some of the most popular, but there are other areas to be considered as well. If you need help sorting through all of the options, make sure to make use of our search engine on Renttampabay and let us help you find the perfect new home for you.

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