What grocery stores will be close to my Tampa apartment?

What grocery stores will be close to my Tampa apartment?

If you are new to Tampa, one of the first things you will probably do will be to go out and stock your fridge. At the very least, you will probably need to know where to grab some milk, bread, and other basics while you are setting up your Tampa apartment.

Tampa has a lot of options for grocery shopping. As I think it is everywhere, there are plenty of Super Wal-Marts in the Tampa Bay area. These places have just about everything you will need, and probably plenty that you don't but may very well buy anyway. On this note, Tampa also has some Super Targets – yes – Targets with groceries.

Living in a Tampa apartment, you are also likely to be near one or more Publixes. These grocery stores are mostly found in Florida (where they began in 1930), but are also found throughout other Southern states. Another place you may not know about if you are coming from out of state is Sweetbay. These grocery stores are found only in Florida. If you only need one or two basic groceries, you may want to stop in CVS or Walgreen's. Both of these pharmacies offer rewards cards and may be closer to your Tampa apartment than a regular grocery store.

Most of the major grocery stores in Tampa send out weekly fliers. Some may not send directly to your apartment in Tampa, but their ads can always be found on their websites. These ads let you know what is on sale each week (Wednesday-Tuesday). If you pay attention, you can save a good amount of money by buying things when they are on sale.

Additionally, Tampa has several really great Farmer's Markets, where you can find produce and more while you are living in a Tampa apartment. Some of these are open every day, such as the Sanwa Farmers Market and the Tampa Bay Farmer's Market. These places are not like traditional farmer's markets – they're more like a warehouse. There are also many more traditional Farmer's markets open only on Saturdays, like the Ybor City Fresh Market or the Fresh Market at Wiregrass.

Tampa is a very diverse area, and, to accommodate this diversity, many specialty grocery stores exist throughout the Bay area. There are many grocery stores that carry foods for certain cuisines and cultural foods. Almost any type of cuisine can be found in different grocery stores throughout the Tampa area. Whether you love certain foods or want to branch out and try new things, you're sure to find plenty of great ingredients for whatever you want to make!

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