What is the job market like in Tampa?

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Henley Tampa Palms is an apartment complex near USF. It is about a 7-minute drive to USF Health, making it ideal for those looking for jobs in the public health sector.

Aside from COVID-19 plaguing the current job market with insecurity, Tampa generally offers a diverse job market. As much as Tampa is a walking commercial for retirement, the city also represents transformation and growth as it provides the highest number of jobs in Florida. According to makeittampabay.com, Hillsborough County is the #4 county in the U.S. for employment growth. With no state-income tax holding you back, walking distance beach access, and a healthy job market, Tampa is the ideal place for newcomers. Before you pack and rent the U-Haul, here are the top industries in Tampa. 


While Tampa may not be a hustling and bustling business city like New York, Tampa brings the heat with business and finance competition. According to the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council, EDC, Tampa is often called the "all Street of the South" because of the massive amounts of business in the Tampa Bay area. About 10% of the U.S.'s Fortune 50 companies' services are in Tampa. Even Amazon is bringing its talents to Tampa with a new warehouse announced earlier this year. Banking and insurance companies also create enormous job demands for the area. For those worried about finding a job in the business field, Tampa is the place to go.   

Health and science 

At a time where public health seems most vital, it is worth noting the size of the health science job market in Tampa. Leading employers range from Quest Diagnostics to Moffitt Cancer Center to Johnson & Johnson. In Hillsborough County, the health sciences industry employed more than 92,000 people. The city's hospital, Tampa General, has earned bragging rights as it is one of the busiest transplant facilities in the U.S. and ranked one of the best American hospitals by U.S. News and World Report. USF Health also works to expand the health job market in the Downtown Tampa area. Need more convincing to sign the lease to a Tampa apartment? According to the Tampa Bay EDC, about 22% of the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing workforce is in Tampa.  


Tech companies tend to thrive in the Tampa Bay area, with an average salary of $70,000 for the tech industry jobs. Tampa takes advantage of the direct access to brilliant minds of graduate students from USF, University of Tampa, and other colleges in the Tampa area. In fact, USF offers a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity, one of the first public universities in Florida. There's no doubt that the growing demand for information technology and tech jobs is growing; however, many seem to overlook Tampa as a promising city with growth in high-paying STEM opportunities.   

Now that Tampa's job market has successfully enticed you, it's time to look for those Tampa apartments. No matter what job brings you to the Tampa Bay area, you're sure to find a place to find a home. Tampa prides itself in its growing industries and bringing the utmost possibilities to its new residents. On top of that, who wouldn't want to have the beach as their office views.

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