I’m moving to the Tampa area and I’m so bad with directions. What landmarks should I look to be close to when choosing an apartment?

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A luxury apartment in the Hyde Park area is great for accessibility and city scenery.

Finding apartments in Tampa that are close to landmarks is easy since the Tampa has so much to offer. There are so many things to do, places to go and sights to see that, no matter where you are, you'll be able to find something to do. There are some great landmarks to recommend and I hope they help you pick your new Tampa apartment.


The Beach

One of my favorite beaches in the United States is Clearwater Beach. It's usually very clean and family friendly. The views are beautiful at any time of the day. It's surrounded by excellent restaurants and some night life, or if you're looking to relax, there are more secluded places to find a spot and zone out. If you'd like to have easy access to Clearwater Beach, you'll probably want to live near I-75. Thankfully, there are some great apartments in Tampa right near I-75. The location is great for visiting the beach, or traveling to nearby cities like Orlando and Miami. One thing to consider would be that living near an interstate sometimes means traffic. Keep that in mind if traffic is something you'd like to avoid.


If you're a shopper, Tampa has the perfect place for you. Hyde Park Village is listed among the best shopping in the area. It has mostly outdoor storefronts that give it a kind of out of town, while still in town, kind of feel. The area around the shopping center has more to offer as well with everything from upscale furniture stores to a farmers' market. You can even explore the area more quickly by renting a bike nearby. The Hyde Park area apartments are great for Tampa residents who like to shop. Be careful not to spend all your money! It is definitely tempting.

University of South Florida

If you're a little younger and into the college scene, great news! There are apartments in Tampa that basically have University of South Florida right in the back yard! Not literally of course, but the apartments near USF are great for access to campus life, sporting events, or just a younger social scene in general. Check out some of these apartments if you are in school or planning to go to school. It will probably be nice to be close by.

Night Life

What kind of moving advice would this be if it didn't include suggestions on getting close to the night life? If you're looking for some fun in an area with a lot of entertainment, consider an apartment in the South Tampa, or SoHo, area. In South Tampa there are clubs, and bars, and are plenty of entertainment to spice up your weekends. You can take a look at the nightlife for yourself at South Tampa Bars online. You should be in for a good time!

As you're preparing to choose an area in Tampa to plant new roots, hopefully you find something near the things you most love and you end up right where you want to be. 

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