Are there any libraries in town?

There is nothing more soothing than a studious environment that a library can provide. Not only are these public businesses fantastic for those needing a quiet space away from home to catch up on reading, work or studies, but it is a great place to take your children! The St. Pete area has a handful of libraries to choose from throughout the city. There are the North Branch and South Branch libraries to accommodate to both sides of town. Mirror lake library is on the North side of town and is open six days a week. This library offers story time for its younger visitors throughout the week. If you have a four legged dog as your kid, this library does not leave them out either! On selective Monday and Wednesdays there is practice reading sessions with the libraries reading therapy dogs. Children can practice their reading with a four-legged tutor in the libraries relaxed and comforting environment. St Pete College also offers library space for guests or visitors to the collegiate area. Located in the heart of St. Pete is Stetson University College of Law. This silent library welcomes guests as well!

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