How do I decide which Tampa neighborhood I should live in?

Finding an apartment in Tampa can be difficult because the greater Tampa Bay area has several “mini cities” that all have their unique vibe to them. With a city this big, it may be a little overwhelming to decide where to rent the perfect Tampa apartment. This city has so many different neighborhoods with a great sense of community; you will definitely be able to find an apartment in Tampa that will fit your lifestyle. With such a wide selection, finding a great apartment in Tampa to suit your needs is easy if you define your needs before you start your search. First, deciding what neighborhood is key. Go out and explore the different areas and communities of Tampa and see which one vibes best with you.

When deciding what neighborhood to live in, it is a good idea to start with why you are relocating in the first place. Is this a move for a new job or to attend school? Are you military and choosing to live off base? How much time you want to spend commuting from your Tampa apartment to your new place of employment or school should be a major factor in deciding where you want to start your search. To get an idea of what the apartments in different areas of Tampa are like, please consult our Neighborhood Guide. This feature of Rent Tampa Bay breaks down each neighborhood into: apartment living, community culture, things to do, and getting around

For instance, if you plan to attend USF you may want to start your apartment search closer to campus as that is where you will be spending a majority of your time. If you are a member of our armed forces, chances are you'll be on Macdill Airforce Base a decent chunk of time. So, South Tampa will be a neighborhood you would want to consider. If you're working downtown Channelside, Ybor, and Hyde Park are all within minutes of downtown Tampa. Keep in mind that while Tampa does have a public transportation system it can be unreliable or time consuming at times, especially when commuting from North to South Tampa.

Tampa is a big city. But, it is true that Tampa doesn't grow up; it grows out. It's a great big city with plenty to offer. You just have to do some research. Think about how far you are willing to travel each day. What are your interests and how do you want to spend your free time? You'll want to think about how close entertainment is to your apartment. After you've inspected the neighborhoods listed in our neighborhood guide, you can go check them out for yourself along with apartments in the area. Our apartment search tools can populate apartments in the neighborhoods you specify. In addition, if you have specific amenities and features you cannot live without, like a gym or washer and dryer, you can specify that as well on the left hand column. Moving can be a stressful experience, but we'll take as much weight off of your shoulders as we can when it comes to apartment hunting.

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