I’m being temporarily relocated to Tampa for business, and I’m unsure how long I’ll be in the area. How can I avoid long-term, costly commitments?

Moving to a new place can be difficult, especially without a specified timeframe. Luckily, apartments in Tampa offer options for those who aren't necessarily looking to tie themselves down to a specific location.

Corporate Apartments

Since you'll be living in Tampa on a temporary basis, a corporate apartment might be exactly what you're looking for. The standout feature of a corporate unit is the payment arrangement options. They can be rented month-to-month or with a set timeframe in mind, usually in 3-month increments to avoid committing to a year or more with uncertainty. Corporate units are fully furnished and typically come with the same amenities you'd find with long-term housing. One thing to keep in mind is that corporate units are normally a little more expensive than a regular housing arrangement. Be sure to evaluate the costs to determine if this option is feasible or if it'd make more sense to get a regular, more affordable apartment and break the lease when you're ready to move.

Fully Furnished

Another concern with frequent relocation is having to continuously move furniture and other belongings. To avoid the costs and hassle of packing repeatedly, you may consider renting a fully furnished apartment. A furnished apartment will come with all of the essentials including decor to make you feel more at home. Some apartments even have in-unit washers and dryers. The downside to a furnished apartment is that it may not be offered on a short-term monthly basis. They also have the potential to be more expensive than an unfurnished apartment. However, renting an already furnished apartment will save you the worry and costs associated with moving your furniture - which is a great advantage.

All Inclusive Apartments

In addition to concerns about moving costs and furniture, the number of bills in an apartment can also be overwhelming. To avoid initial set-up costs on utilities and the hassle of setting up several new accounts, consider an all-inclusive apartment. In your all-inclusive apartment, you would have the luxury of paying all of your apartment expenses as one bill through your apartment community. This includes but is not limited to rent, utilities, cable, pest control and wifi. Of course, this could vary by community. Paying your monthly apartment expenses in one transaction would be helpful if you have to relocate abruptly. This way you don't have to call and cancel multiple service providers prior to moving.

Making a smooth transition into your Tampa apartment is important. Hopefully these tips will assist you and help to make the process much more enjoyable. You can also check out these moving tips geared specifically to those who move frequently. Happy moving!

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