I know Florida is the Sunshine state, but if rains quite a bit. What can I do indoors?

Florida, like many other regions, experiences a rainy season throughout its summer stages. However, it is sunny more often than it actually rains. Although Tampa’s most significant attractions is its natural outdoors, there are plenty of things to do to keep dry or cool during the hot summer days. The Yuengling Brewery is just across the University of South Florida. Here, you can take a free tour to see the behind scenes of how your favorite beer is brewed. Take a few minutes to sample your beverage and engage in the tradition of beer making! Being in the center of Tampa, you can easily walk back to your apartment in Tampa! For a brief history lesson, visit the Henry B Plant Museum. This old hotel emphasizes its role in the Spanish American War. Glazer Children’s Museum and MOSI are other child-friendly museums where you can let your kids loose and take a break. CineBistro in Soho in a favorite during a Florida storm. Watch you favorite movie while receiving fine dining.

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