What are ways that I can reduce my use of plastic in my St. Petersburg apartment?

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Seeing the amount of plastic that ends up on our beaches is a different experience from hearing it happen all over the world, especially in St. Petersburg.  Being environmentally conscious is essential when living in a coastal city as it helps the area maintain its beauty. Nowadays, it is easy to improve your lifestyle to reduce your consumption of plastic, especially in your apartment near St. Pete

Replace Single-Use Plastic 

A simple way of reducing your plastic consumption is to review all the single-use plastic that you use. Things such as plastic bags, Ziplocs, and gloves. An easy fix to reduce your consumption of these products are to buy the alternatives that will last longer. Reusable bags can replace plastic bags often sold for as cheap as a dollar at Publix. Reusable bags can reduce the number of plastic bags you take home, and it won't cause you to hoard a sink drawer in your apartment kitchen to just plastic bags. For single-use gloves used to clean your apartment, consider buying rubber gloves that you can pop in the washer whenever they are dirty. They are much more durable than regular gloves and easy to clean. If you rely on Ziploc bags to pack your lunches, consider replacing it with a reusable bag. These reusable lunch bags often come in fun designs and patterns that can make having lunch a little eco-friendlier and more fun.  

 Environmentally Conscious Cleaning

It's overlooked the amount of waste that we have in our everyday lives, especially during the cleaning process.  A way to cut down on both plastic and money is to replace items that you go through quickly. Dryer sheets, for example, are non-reusable items and depending on the amount of laundry you pile up, can go by fast. Purchasing wool dryer balls for your apartment washer and dryer can fix that as they serve the same purpose of dryer sheets and are reusable. Some even opt to essential oils drops on the dryer balls to give the clothes a lovely fragrance.  

Another way to cut down on use and money is to buy fabric dish towels that you can wash. Purchasing these towels can reduce the number of paper towels you end up using while drying dishes, cleaning countertops, and cleaning up messes. Paper towels can rack up money on your grocery lists every month; meanwhile, fabric towels have more prolonged use and don't run out.  


Reusable Containers Are The Way To Go  

The most popular method of cutting down your plastic use comes down to having reusable containers. Tumblers, water bottles, and food containers all reduce the number of times that you use plastic. If you rely on morning coffee, having a bottle that can keep warm for long periods can result better than a plastic cup from Starbucks. Also, glass food containers can replace plastic Tupperware that dirties easily. It will keep stains out, so you won't have to throw it away after eating pasta.  

If you depend on Starbucks coffee, be aware that they offer discounts on drinks, so long as you bring your bottle, mug or tumbler. Not only is it an environmentally conscious decision but can also save you coins on your early morning coffee. Ultimately, if you decide to have your reusable cup, you can also opt-out of plastic straws by buying a silicone or metal straw. The options are endless with reusable straws; some even come in a keychain case, so you'll never forget it. Being eco-friendly doesn't have to be confined to your St. Petersburg apartment. 

Small Steps Matter 

Switching over to an eco-friendly lifestyle is not easy. Many sacrifices come with leaving behind the comfort and accessibility of plastic. However, realizing what damage it does to the wildlife that surrounds the St. Petersburg area can be a tear-jerker. After all, we know you love the water view from your apartment and understand the need to keep it clean. Even small steps can have a significant change in the journey to reducing plastic use. If you would like to see more methods to implement eco-friendly home swaps, be sure to check out this website that lists 20 different exchanges.  

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