When do the tourist start coming into town?

The average temperature year around in Clearwater is in the mid 70's range. This makes the water of the Gulf of Mexico incredibly warm, keeps are beaches packed, and bring the tourist out to play! Although, Florida does slightly experience a winter at times, bringing its cooling weather down to the 60s, this is still comparatively warmer than its neighbor states. Many tourist do tend to come down to Florida during the winter season. Since Florida tends to still support the sunshine and warm waves, this heat becomes very taunting to those who are bundled up in ski jackets and scarves. It is said that some Floridians do consider this tourist season. However, Clearwater beach is most made up of a melting pot of tourist and locals alike. No matter what time of the season it may be, you will undoubtedly meet or see out of towners enjoying the Clearwater area of Florida. If you are looking to live in a Clearwater apartment that is not as close to the tourist attraction areas, try looking at communities that are on private beaches and away from hotels.

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