Should I worry about tourist season?

Searching for St. Pete apartments located away from the tourist spots? The majority of the city lives outside of the tourist stampede, allowing residents to have near limitless options when looking for a local place to live.

Come fall, the majority of the Nation breeds snow fall skies and bundles of scarves. In Florida, however, the climate stays true to its tropical nature. As a result, the snowbirds fly south, populating much of Tampa Bay's beaches. Some St. Pete residents can't help to notice the population near the beach can double in a matter of mere weeks.

In general, tourism in Pinellas County peaks during the winter months of November to April. Although the state of Florida, and particularly the bay area, is one of the most popular vacation destinations, you may find ease knowing that St. Pete does not experience too much of these tourist. In fact, it normally only receives the overflow from the Clearwater crowd.

If you are considering searching for St. Pete apartments but are hesitant to do so because of the heavy amounts of tourism, you may want to reconsider. This particular city does experience a wave of tourism, however, most of those from out of town stay with in the beach areas. These snowbirds may cause a slight increase in traffic along the coast and sometimes into the outskirts of the downtown region. That being said, most St. Pete apartments are located just outside of these tourist zones.

When hunting for your new home free of any snowbirds, try looking for properties located near the colleges in town or ones that sit in downtown. This part of St. Petersburg ideally houses students, hipsters and an overall younger population. 4th street contains a string of bars, restaurants and shops, making it an ideal place for nightlife. Communities in this particular precinct are mixed with an eclectic mix of old and newer buildings and homes. Downtown tends to foster a collaborative string of history, nightlife, and entertainment. There are several art galleries, music theatres and wineries. The Tropicana field is also located downtown, where many baseball fans can enjoy a Tampa Bay Ray's game.

If you still prefer to live by the water, there are plenty of apartments in St. Pete that are distant from the tourism attacks. For family friendly neighborhoods, check out communities located near Old Northeast. This suburb contains parks, coastal views and million dollar mansions. There are also several grade A schools located nearby.

With the Sunshine state being such an attraction during the winter months, it almost seems impossible to avoid the out of towners who fly in to enjoy our year round warm. However, there are several distinct areas that are more known amongst the locals. These locations include downtown, the suburb neighborhoods, and even some buildings located just outside of the beach of further North of the attractions.


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