Is there a lot of traffic in Tampa?

Depending on what your comfort level may be when it comes to experiencing the digestion of traffic, you may or may not consider Tampa to be a heavily congested town. Like most cities, there are certain hours throughout the days that are deemed to be less tolerable when it comes to patiently awaiting in your car for hours on end. However, I would have to say that Tampa really isn't too bad all around when it comes to traffic. Keep in mind that some areas are definitely worse than others.

It isn't so easy to avoid “traffic hour” or specific routes when traveling to and from work or school. These days, it almost seems inevitable to peril the journey of traffic dooms. However, there are ways to decrease your chances of experiencing a frustrating halt.

Tampa is basically built of four main highways-i275, i275, i4 and Veterans expressway. Living in Tampa apartments near these convenient roadways can be advantageous as well as a detriment.

If you decide to live in Tampa apartments near one of these highways, be aware that there will be heavy backups Monday through Friday from 7am to at least 9am and again from 5pm to 6:30. Although these are limited hours, this can be a burden for those on a tight schedule. Living in homes near this area may make it almost impossible to take alternative routes throughout these rush hours. However, outside of these treacherous times, the roadways are fairly sparse, easy to get around and quite convenient for travelers. In actuality, most of these Tampa roads can cut your commute in half.

If you fear congestion, I would definitely advise to avoid moving to the New Tampa area. Although this is a great neighborhood for families and students, this area is constantly undergoing construction making few mile commutes almost unbearable.

Carrollwood, although not directly located on a major roadway, experiences moderate to mild traffic. However, this area experiences much less delays on the roadway than New Tampa and homes near i-4. This North Tampa neighborhood is just minutes from Veterans Expressway and i-275.

South Tampa has it fair share of traffic, especially on the weekends and during rush hour. Streets here are smaller, older and not exactly qualified for modern day traveling. However, South Tampa apartments are not far from i-275 and Tampa's beaches. Again, this location still experiences less traffic than New Tampa.

Aside from rush hour traffic, the city of Tampa experiences quite tranquil roads making traveling around the city a some what pleasant experience. You will not hear many honking horns in this area and rarely experience congestion during the day hours. However, do keep in mind that living in certain areas will make you more vulnerable to experiencing a higher density of traffic. Again, there are many apartments near Tampa that can allot towards a lesser chance of getting stuck in a slow moving pile up. If you are seeking an area with a more mild level of build up, try looking in North Tampa or locations just outside the major highways.

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