How do I get my cable and internet turned on before I move into my new Clearwater apartment?

It's a great feeling to move in to an apartment in Clearwater that already has everything that you need set up. Most complexes require proof that your water and electricity are set up before you move in. What they don't ensure is that all your other "nonessential" services are up and running. Setting up internet service in your home can be difficult if you don't already have internet service in your home. It's certainly possible to move in without having your internet and cable ready to go, but there's also no harm in being prepared!

Your first order of business will be to decide what company you want to buy your service from for your new Clearwater apartment. The good news here is that there are TONS of providers in the area. The bad news is that there are TONS of providers and you must pick out just one. If you're moving from within the area, you may want to see if you can keep your current provider. If you are unhappy with your current provider, or are moving from out of state, you will probably want to research which companies provide service to your new address. Currently, these are some (and just a very few) of the companies that offer cable and/or internet in the Clearwater area:

These providers should give you a general idea of all of the choices you have for setting up your apartment in Clearwater. Of course, not all will service every part of Clearwater, so you will need to make sure that they service your new address. A website that might be of use to you in your search is found here. After you select your new zipcode, it lists many, perhaps most, of the broadband internet service providers that service that zipcode, as well as some details about their prices and packages. This can definitely help to steer you in the right direction.

Once you decide on a provider, you will need to order the plan you choose either online or by phone. They will have you choose the date you want your service to start, and ship you any equipment that you need. After that's done, you can focus on moving into your amazing new Clearwater apartment! Once you move in, you're move will be made a bit easier without the worry of setting up your internet and cable.

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