What is Tampa like during hurricane season?

Just as Florida is known for its warmth and sunshine, the state is also known for its temperamental Hurricane Season. While this period of intense rain and storms can be a bit alarming to newcomers, most Floridians are familiar and well-adjusted to the season and the corresponding precautions.

August through October is the height of Florida's Hurricane Season. Throughout these months, you can expect on and off rainfall, heavy storms and strong winds. It's not uncommon for a day to fluctuate between bright sunshine and sheets of downpour. Nearly 2/3 of Tampa's annual precipitation occurs during this season. If you are outdoors during a summer afternoon, chances are that you will run into some rainfall. Seasoned Floridians have learned to always have an umbrella on hand during the Hurricane Season.

Occasionally, Florida will experience stronger, more severe weather. Tropical Depressions, Storms and even Hurricanes are known to cross the state during the summer months. But don't get too worked up about hurricanes just yet! For the past 93 years, Tampa has avoided a direct hurricane hit. Even during seasons of high Hurricane frequency, Tampa has remained unscathed. This is due to the city's geographic location within the state. Waterspouts, funnel-shaped clouds that form over bodies of water, are more common in the Tampa area.

While it's not likely that you will encounter a hurricane in Tampa, you are sure to see plenty of lightning. The city has been called the “Lightning Capital of the World.” The local NHL hockey team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, is even named after the natural phenomenon.

Though the name can come off intimidating, Hurricane Season in Tampa is really a season of heavy rain and lightning. Just be sure to frequently check your weather forecast and always carry an umbrella!

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