I will be moving to Tampa but am not sure where to live. Where are some of the popular areas to live in?

Like most large cities, Tampa is largely dispersed throughout several districts. From North to South Tampa, the city offers a variety of different locations suitable to a broad scope of lifestyles. Deciding which area may be best for you will be your biggest challenge.

If you are not familiar with the city of Tampa, is it best to briefly familiarize yourself with the area. After all, location is key when searching for Tampa apartments.

North Tampa. North Tampa is an eclectic blend of established charm and residential neighborhoods. Located on one of the cities most heavily driven roads, Dale Mabry, you can expect to have nearly every want and need surrounding this area. From Citrus Park Mall to golf courses, public and private schools, nail salons and chain restaurants, this area is an embedded ingredient of entertainment. Tampa apartments in this area may be older, but mostly well-kept However, these units are more affordable. This area is great for families and college students, as USF is only a short drive away.

New Tampa. New Tampa is the up and coming districts of Tampa. This area is filled with newer communities, higher end restaurants, movie theaters and an outdoor mall. Many USF students tend to inhabit this area mostly because of its short proximity to campus. However, New Tampa is profoundly known for its luxury neighborhoods and family friendly atmosphere. Properties in this area do tend to be a bit higher priced. If you are thinking about searching for a new home in this area, please know that this area experiences a great deal of traffic due to the ongoing construction and expansion to the community.

South Tampa is the epitome of night-life. Infused with a vintage appeal with modern design, this district has become a hot spot for those who enjoy one of a kind boutiques, unique diners, and a large inventory of bars. Apartments near Tampa in this area come with a solid price tag. Because this community is highly sought after, expect to pay the price to live there. Many properties in this area are older, smaller and more expensive.

The business district of Tampa has taken over downtown. This community is flooded with financiers and lawyers. The courthouse, Bank of American building and several schools such as University of Tampa and Stetson University College of Law reside in this area, making downtown Tampa a nice blend of business professionals, graduates and students. With beaten brick pathways and modern sky high condominiums, downtown is well suited for those looking to experience a metropolitan lifestyle. Downtown is perfect for those looking to be near the airport, major roadways and shopping.

The Westshore district is another favorite amongst business professionals and party goers. This area is home to two major malls- International and West Shore Plaza. Westshore is in between downtown and South Tampa. Just a few minutes from the airport and beach, this community is home to a mixture of newer and older homes. The majority of these neighborhoods are higher end.

There are a variety of different communities within the Tampa area. If you are seeking a residential neighborhood, you may want to steer clear of downtown Tampa. However, most areas within the city, offer affordable and convenient homes.

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