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So, the night before move-in day has finally arrived. The boxes are packed, the gas tank’s on full, and the thoughts of the next milestone of your life, which will begin in less than 24 hours, are running more Mover's Guidewildly than ever. Naturally, the jitters can’t seem to stop; it feels like you’ve been waiting for this day for too long.

Now, as much as we are ecstatic for you and your new venture in life, we also understand that the last thing you’d want on a big day like move-in would be for something – or anything - to go wrong. On a day like your move-in, we’re aware that you’ll need to experience as little stress as possible. We know you need to be on the top of your game. So, before your great adventure, check out and consider the following tips for a perfect and smooth sailing move-in day. Best of luck!

  1. Check the Weather
    Soggy boxes, wet couches, oh my! A wise old woman once told me rain on move in day is good luck, but I’ll bet she was just trying to make me feel better about the soaked couch. We recommend you checking the weather of your current city or town, highways or roads you’re taking, and the city of Tampa, to help you prepare and execute your move smoothly and accordingly. If it does happen to rain on your move-in day, we recommend sealed containers, tarps, umbrellas, or even ponchos, to help you and your belongings stay dry, protected, and out of the rain.
  2. Be on Time
    You need to get to your leasing office on time. This might not mean showing up as soon as they open. Call ahead, and ask when your lease begins. Some leasing documents state new renters must arrive after noon on move in day. Be sure to consider the leasing office’s operating hours as well, if you arrive after office hours you will have to wait until the following business day to pick up keys to your new home. To avoid any ironic homelessness, be on time!
  3. Rest
    Mental, physical, and emotional work will be put to the test on your move-in day. You will need to be completely focused and aware of your surroundings and situation. To help you achieve this goal, we recommend getting a full night’s rest and eating a filling and fueling breakfast before the big day. These actions will help you stay on track and orchestrate your move flawlessly. Trust us; after your 5th trip up the stairs with boxes you’ll be thankful to have started your day right!
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