Pet Friendly Apartments in Tampa

Having a pet can often make an apartment search more difficult, since there are often restrictions or fees when a pet is living with you. Many complexes may not allow pets at all. Imagine finding the apartment of your dreams, and then finding out you can’t keep your pet! We don’t want this to happen to you, so our personalized site allows you to search by categories tailored to your needs, such as pets (and even types of pets!).

  • Is it furry?

    Some apartment complexes simply have a weight limit, whereas others limit more specifically, by breed or type of animal. It is more common for people to have a cat or a dog, but keep in mind some communities may also have restrictions on reptiles and rodents. Be thorough and make sure you ask specifics, because the majority of complexes will fine you heavily if they find out you have an unauthorized pet. Be sure to ask the types of animals allowed, the breed, and the weights allowed.

  • What breed is your dog?

    It is common for rental neighborhoods to designate dog breeds that are not allowed in their complex, even when dogs in general are permitted. The most common breed that is restricted in Florida is a Pit Bull. However, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, German Shepards, and Boxers are also commonly regulated. Again, it is important to find out whether the apartment will allow you to keep your pet as early in the process as possible, since it may greatly affect whether or not you will rent the apartment.

  • How Much?

    Another important question to ask would be what your pet will cost you. It is likely you will pay fees based on the type of pet and its weight. Additional fees are often listed in the lease for damages relating to the pet, so pay close attention there, as well. Tenants also have a habit of getting a pet during the course of their lease, and deciding not to tell their complex until maintenance stumbles upon it. Don’t do this! This is a terrible idea, because your apartment community won’t be able to tell when you actually got the animal, and when they do find out could charge you the pet fee for the entire length of your lease. Be honest and up front to avoid excess charges.

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