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Equip 42 guys with sticks, chill them to a cool 60 degrees, surround them by over 15,000 shouting fans, and let them fight as long as they keep their helmets on. Guys, we know you attend sporting events for the love of the game, but since you don’t plan on going alone here’s four reasons to take your lady to a Bolts game…

1. It’s electrifying. We love lightning! Not just our hometown hockey team, but real, electric lightning. Thanks to the tesla coils inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum, there are real bolts at every Lightning game.

Times Forum Rink

2. We guarantee it’s better than figure skating. Like figure skaters, these guys skate fast, make quick turns, and skate backwards with ease. But, they also ram into each other hard enough to start fights, get put in the penalty box for misbehaving, and shoot pucks faster than you can drive your car on I-275.

3. Sometimes, there are hundreds of hats on the ice. Hockey is full of incredible traditions, but this one might be her favorite. When a player gets 2 goals in a game you better cheer harder, because a 3rd goal will earn him a hat trick! Whenever a player scores 3 goals in a game, everyone in the stands throws their hat onto the ice and the crowd goes wild!

4. The hockey community in Tampa is always welcoming. There are a ton of unfamiliar faces in Tampa Bay. Attend a game or two, find your love for the Lightning, and get yourself a shirt. Suddenly, you’ll find instant friends all over the Tampa Bay Area sharing high fives and smiles for the great team Tampa Bay loves.

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